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Weekly Moment of Endurance Loaded Zen 7.18.12

July 18, 2012

You have to check out this blog. Awesome tips and product reviews: DC Rainmaker

You Are Not “Chemically Imbalanced”! – Psychology Today
Interesting take on the psycho pharmaceutical industry. Premise: The false assumption sold to us by pharmaceutical companies.

Better squats = better barefoot running – The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy
Do them and do them often.

The Discount Crossfitter? – Crossfit Journal
Emily Beers examines how wildly popular websites Groupon and Living Social can be used to the advantage—and disadvantage—of CrossFit affiliates.

Insufficient sleep undermines dietary efforts to reduce adiposity – University of Chicago
The amount of human sleep contributes to the maintenance of fat-free body mass at times of decreased energy intake. Lack of sufficient sleep may compromise the efficacy of typical dietary interventions for weight loss and related metabolic risk reduction.

Some Athletes Reject High-Tech Sports Fuel In Favor Of Real Food – NPR

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