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Weekly WODs: October 7-13, 2013 MARATHON WEEK

October 6, 2013


Marathon weekend is HERE! All the coaches are so proud of all the athletes who are planning to run the marathon this weekend. You are going to having an amazing experience and we’ll all be there to watch. Look forward to seeing all the CFD crew just before you hit mile 8. Throw us a high five, then get down to business. – Coach Mark.

If you are new to CFE @ CFD and need directions to the meeting locations, email mark@crossfitdefined, or check out the meeting locations page for more information.


Endurance will meet Tuesday at the Barry and Lakeshore Drive location at 7:00 p.m. All workouts will be scaled for anyone new to endurance.

2 x 1000 @ race pace w/ 1 min rest
Rest 2 min
2 x 800 @ 80-85% effort w/ 1 min rest
Rest 2 min
2 x 400 @ consistent all-out effort w/ 1 min rest


Endurance will meet Thursday at CrossFit Defined Lakeview at 7:00 p.m.

Quads, Hams, Lower-leg Mobility.

5k Easy run.

Shoulder Mobility.

Optional Marathon Q & A.


Level I (Marathon) Chicago Marathon Weekend

26.2 Miles – Race your race as fast as you possibly can! Good Luck Athletes!

** If you are running late October races, complete 105 mins as far as possible. I will continue posting workouts to continue the training through the end of October.

Level II (10miler/Half Marathon)
50 min As Far As Possible

Level III (10k/5k)
20 min AFAP

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