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For the full Crossfit Defined schedule, click here.
Thursdays Details: These workouts will be led every week with Coach Allyn.  In June Coach Mikala will join the team and we will potentially add additional training times.  Our first four training sessions will be on April 20th from 7p to 8p at the Belmont Harbor Lakefront. Please make sure to remind your friends and teammates to make it out there so we can continue to build this program.
Sunday – 8:00 a.m. Simulated Long Run WOD at CFD LV
*Sunday – Long Tempo (Marathon Training) – “On your own”

*Sunday’s workout for Marathon training is “On Your Own”. If you are training for the Marathon the “weekly WODs” page will provide you with the programming. Do the work wherever and whenever you can. Check back to the CFE @ CFD home page for announcements. From time to time we’ll organized an ad hoc workout to get these workouts done together.

Wondering how to incorporate CFE into Crossfit workouts? CFE is rooted in a foundation of Crossfit. The base for all CFE programming is 3-5 Crossfit workouts per week. Check out this sample programming.

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